Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last updated: January, 2021

Estate Technologies LLC (“Estate Tech” or “Company”) respects the privacy of the Users of the website (BidNextDoor) and services (together, the “Service”). This Privacy Policy describes the Company’s policies and procedures on the collection, use, and disclosure of User information. Estate Tech uses personal information provided voluntarily to provide and improve the Service. 

By using the Service, Users agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. Click here to see Interpretations and Definitions for the Terms of Use, including this Privacy Policy.

Collecting & Using Your Personal Data 

Viewing the website and its contents can be done without the collection of Personal Data. Providing any Personal Data is entirely voluntary. However, use of the Service requires an Account, which requires the Company’s collection of certain personal information. Collection of Personal Data helps ensure that the Terms of Use are upheld, promoting safety across the Website and enabling BidNextDoor to provide You with the Service as well as customer support. 

Personal Data that BidNextDoor collects from Users to provide the Service includes: names; email addresses; contact information/telephone number; billing information; and financial information, such as debit and/or credit cards. All Personal Data is provided by the User and is never collected without the User’s permission. In addition to Personal Data, the User must create a username and password in order to access their Account. 

Please note that debit and/or credit card information is not not stored with BidNextDoor. Such financial information entered on BidNextDoor is encrypted, processed, and held by, a reputable third party payment processor. 

Usage Data is collected automatically by use of the Service and is retained for quality assurance and, where applicable, legal purposes. 

Personal Data of winning bidders will be shared with Sale Partners in order to facilitate the collection of Merchandise by the winning bidder. Sale Partners will be provided with details including: usernames; names; email addresses; and contact information/telephone number. Financial information shared with Sale Partners will be limited to the last four digits of the User’s active debit or credit card and Sale Partners will never receive the User’s complete financial information as provided to BidNextDoor. By use of the Service, the User understands and agrees that such Personal Data is collected and parts of which may be shared with other Users (Sale Partners) under these appropriate circumstances (i.e. the User places a bid on an item, wins an item, and is contacted by the Sale Partner to coordinate the collection of Merchandise). 

BidNextDoor may also release limited Personal Data in response to verified requests by law enforcement and/or government officials for the purposes of conducting criminal investigations, enforcing the Service’s Terms of Use, investigating or responding to potential violations of User rights or compromises of User’s safety in accordance with this Privacy Policy.  

Users who fail to pay any balance owed to BidNextDoor for the Services will be considered a delinquent Account and, in accordance, BidNextDoor reserves the right to, as permitted by law, provide Personal Data to consumer credit reporting services, collection agencies, and others. 

Personal Data of closed Accounts may be retained by BidNextDoor  

BidNextDoor will not sell Personal Data to third parties for their marketing purposes and will only disclose Personal Data in accordance with the Terms of Use. 

Consent to Receive Electronic & Other Communications from Company 

By creating an Account and providing Your contact information, including your name, email, address, and/or phone number through the Service, you expressly consent to receiving electronic and other communications from BidNextDoor. You may opt out of receiving marketing-type electronic communications (including sale notifications, promotions, new product notices, etc.) at anytime; however, You understand that use of the Service requires electronic communications to inform you of pertinent information regarding your Account and use of the Service, including, but not limited to: confirmation of placed bids; notices of winning bids; invoices; payment confirmations; and contact from Sale Partners to coordinate the collection of Merchandise.

Sale Partner Use of Personal Data 

BidNextDoor provides Personal Data to Sale Partners solely for the purpose of facilitating the collection of Merchandise. It is in no way implied that the Sale Partners may utilise or exploit Users’ Personal Data for any other purpose, including, but not limited to: marketing; soliciting; etc. BidNextDoor encourages the User to investigate the privacy policies of Sale Partners before participating in a particular Sale Partner’s online sale offered through the Service. Although BidNextDoor does not permit nor encourage the Sale Partner’s use of Personal Data for any purpose other than to facilitate the collection of Merchandise, BidNextDoor is not in control of, affiliated with, nor responsible for the privacy policy of Sale Partners nor Sale Partners’ use or misuse of Personal Data.

Security of Personal Data 

Personal Data and Account information is stored on BidNextDoor’s secure servers located within the continental United States. BidNextDoor makes efforts to secure Personal Data and uses various methods to protect the Website, Personal Data, and Account Information from unauthorized access. While We employ reasonable efforts to protect data and information, We do not insure Personal Data and thus assume no liability for any release or misuse of Personal Data due to incidents such as: abuse/misuse of the Website and/or Service; unauthorized third party access; other acts of third parties; or acts or omissions beyond Our reasonable control.

Account Access & Security 

Creation of an Account requires a User to provide a username and password in order to access their Account. Access to a User’s Account provides access to view and modify Personal Data as specified in this privacy policy. Limited financial information may be accessible (such as the last four digits of the User’s provided debit or credit card) but complete financial information is not visible within a User’s Account; however, financial information can be modified with Account access (i.e. a new debit or credit card can be provided). For the security of Your Account, BidNextDoor recommends using a unique combination of valid characters for Your password and recommends changing Your Password periodically.

Your password should be kept private and never be shared with anyone. Should You choose to share Your Account access information or provide anyone with access to the Services via Your account, You understand that You may be responsible for and subject to legally-binding activities performed on the Website using Your Account (a winning bid placed by Your Account via the Service is a legally-binding contract through which You agree to to pay any and all associated monies owed). 

Lost or Stolen Account Information & Personal Data 

You must promptly notify Us if any of your Account information or Personal Data is lost or stolen. If an unauthorized party obtains access to Your Account, You must notify Us immediately to resecure the Account. Not only is fraudulent activity on the Website is harmful to other Users, but You may also be responsible for and subject to legally-binding activities performed on the Website using Your Account.

BidNextDoor is not responsible or liable in any way, shape, or form for activities, purchases, balances, and fees incurred resulting in part or whole, directly or indirectly, from unauthorized access to Your Account and use of the Services using Your Account, including as a result of hacking, nor will BidNextDoor be responsible for, or liable to issue, any refunds, restitutions, or other compensations for any such activities, incidents, or occurrences. 

If Your Personal Data is compromised, even outside of the Website or use of the Service, please contact Us so that We may remove the compromised information and update and secure Your Account. 

Prohibited Activities 

Any activities or uses of the Service that violate the Terms of Use are prohibited and will not be tolerated. BidNextDoor prohibits the unauthorized access, attempt to access, or misuse of any User’s Personal Data by another User or by any individual accessing the Website or Service. BidNextDoor does not tolerate malicious activities or attempt at such activities, including, but not limited to: spyware; malware; hacking; phishing; viruses; spam; or other malicious and/or illegal activities and/or content. Any User’s violation of the Terms of Use, including this Privacy Policy, will have their Account disabled and will be banned from using the Website or Services. BidNextDoor reserves the right to report and share information relating to any such violations, where permitted by law. To report any incidents of prohibited activities, please contact BidNextDoor using the contact form on Our Website.

Third Party Websites 

BidNextDoor has no control over no responsibility for how third parties may use Personal Data. BidNextDoor recommends you carefully review any third party website’s Privacy Policy before providing your Personal Data to said third party. User acknowledges that even third party websites accessed via the Website or Service are separate from BidNextDoor and do not fall under the scope of this Privacy Policy.

Updates & Changes 

We may update Our Privacy Policy from time to time. We will notify You of any changes by posting the new Privacy Policy on this page and updating the “Last updated” date at the top of this Privacy Policy. We will inform You of the change via email and/or a prominent notice on the Website, prior to the change becoming effective. You are advised to review this Privacy Policy periodically for any changes, which are effective when they are posted on this page.

Additional Questions 

Contact BidNextDoor using the contact form on Our Website with any additional questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use.